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Art With Wood
An Alternative To Metal Art?

Art With Wood<br>An Alternative To Metal Art?

Have you ever considered wood as a viable alternative to metal or other similar forms of artwork? You may have heard of wooden furniture being used in place of more expensive metals, but have you thought about wood artwork?


This is the perfect time to look into it. Wooden gifts and art have many advantages for anyone who wants a unique showpiece for their home decor, bed & bath, living area, or office. You can also customize a unique gift item made of wood during special occasions.

We will explore the great potential it has as an alternative to other metal art or medium used as decorations and gifts. By the end of this article, we will have explained to you how beautiful wood art is, and hopefully convince you to find and keep a piece or two.


Metal vs Wood Decorations

Here are some of the things that you need to think of when choosing between the two:

  • Metal art is heavier.
  • Given the right conditioning, wood will never rust, have cracks, nor wither.
  • Wood will save you more money and has a competitive price compared to the more popular options.
  • It is customizable. If there are adjustments to be made, wood is easier to handle.
  • Wood wall art fits right into a rustic theme.


Home Decor Ideas

Aside from furniture and depending on your style (modern, vintage, traditional, or contemporary), there are new ideas that you may play with. Here are some great ideas that will truly add value to your collection and become an instant favorite:

  • Hang decorative wooden picture frames as wall art.
  • Use custom wood signs around the home or office
  • Replace boring store bought paintings with a custom wood piece
  • Highlight wood wall art in your receiving area and be the subject of attraction for your guests


Custom Metal and Wood Signs in Tahlequah, OK

Here at 490 Creations, we make an effort to provide top-of-the-line products at a reasonable price. We have specialized machinery for manufacturing products, and our products are very competitive in both price and fine quality.

Services included:

  • Custom wood signs
  • Customized wooden gifts
  • Image or logo on wood
  • Wooden plaques
  • Custom wood engraving
  • Customized wooden cutting boards
  • Alternative wall and room decorations
  • Wood art


Empty rooms and walls are really no fun to look at. Spice it up with the latest custom wood art from 490 creations. We take orders for personalized wood products every day, or you can browse our website for some ideas, or pre-made designs that you can make your own.

Also, you can visit our physical store at 123 N Muskogee Ave Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464, and give you a free consultation.

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