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What is Plasmacam?

What is Plasmacam?

PlasmaCAM is a family of plasma cutting systems that are faster and easier to operate than traditional methods and many other comparable machines!

What Is The CNC Plasma Cutter Machine Used For?

PlasmaCAM’s cutting tech can help provide: faster and easier part cutting from concept to cut path to metal. Their DesignEdge software is the best all-in-one software in the comparable market with digital torch height control built right in! We at Learn Plasmacam recommend starting with their Advanced Design, Advanced Machine, and Advanced Height Control upgrades!!!

A variety of plasma cutting machine tables provide different options in terms of conversion time, feature sets, and plasma power sources. Each plasma cutter is designed to be a true engineering tool, and the ability to custom adapt the system to your specific needs (hello, height control) makes it even more valuable. Pairing a Hypertherm Powermax with the PlasmaCAM system can easily get you cutting better, more efficiently, and faster than many other options in the market.

What products does the CNC plasma cutting machine work with?

The PlasmaCAM system has been designed to work with a wide range of materials. You can cut many different kinds of metal (brass, copper, aluminum, steel, corten, etc) to create projects like ornamental iron, signs and lettering, ductwork, dimensioned parts, and many other projects!


What Are Some Advantages Of Using The PlasmaCAM DesignEdge Software System?

It is able to provide the following advantages: All-In-One, easy to learn system that makes drawing or tracing a part, creating cut-paths to compensate for torch kerf, height control, and cutting control an easy to understand and complete process!

What Are Some Disadvantages Of DesignEdge/PlasmaCAM?

Software licensing is handled by person rather than an online platform so you must speak to a person (during business hours) to reset a license should a computer fail. The company is particular that ownership transfer be completed correctly and signed by the registered owner for legal software license transfer. If you buy a used machine and do not have a verifiable paper trail from the owner to you (an auction or estate sale for instance) then it can be difficult to get properly licensed and use the machine. It's always best to call PlasmaCAM with a serial number to ensure there are no liens or issues with transfer should you purchase a machine.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Use The Software?

It takes practice to become familiar with the different skills needed to operate the system. The learning curve is quick once you get started, but it's important to watch your first few jobs closely so that you can understand what is going on with your cutting operation. Click here to learn more about PlasmaCAM, and enroll in PlasmaCAM courses. We also host a subscription based network for constant learning, tips & tricks, and live Q&A at Learn Plasmacam!

Plasma Cutting In Tahlequah, Oklahoma

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